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Exploring Craft Breweries

“Good people drink good beer.” Humphrey Bogart

Colorado has over 400 craft breweries around the state. Each brewery has its own unique feel and each one has a different beer lineup.

A couple years ago, I clicked on a random ad on facebook. The ad was for an app called craftapped. The app advertised that a person could visit up to 10 different breweries a month, receiving a buy one get one at each location. At the end of the month, redemptions reset and the person could visit new breweries or the same ones again. They were offering an inaugural price of $19.99 for one year. I tried it and I am glad I did. Because of this app I have visited over 30 different new-to-me breweries around Colorado. Not only have I discovered new beer to enjoy, but have also ventured out of the 10 mile bubble I live most of my life in.

Choosing a brewery to visit can be difficult. I am a light beer / wheat beer drinker. I don’t enjoy stouts or IPAs — IPAs seem to be the most popular — so I make sure to check the tap-list before trying a new place. This past week, I decided to drive to Loveland and check out Sky Bear Brewery.

This first thing about Sky Bear that I appreciated was the tap-list which included a wide variety of beers. I began with a flight so I could try a few. My favorite was a summer seasonal, Strawberry Cream Ale named Strawberry Moon. This beer held the subtle hint of strawberries with the smooth finish of a cream ale.

While I was there, since I was alone, I chose to sit at the bar. When I visit breweries by myself, I often bring a book with me to read and pass the time. What I find most interesting about visiting breweries with books, is often the book signals “please talk to me,” or at least that’s how I feel. This day was no different. First the bartender was friendly, which I didn’t mind. She liked to joke and shared about how she came to work at the brewery. I had a good time talking with her, although I did not read much of my book.

Another time at a different brewery, a guy sitting next to me asked what I was reading. Then, he proceeded to talk the rest of the night. The conversation was interesting, but that night I would have preferred my book. On the other hand, if I visit a brewery by myself and forget my book, people do not usually talk to me when I sit at the bar. I am not sure why having a book invites conversation but it sure seems to.

Regardless if I have a book with me or not, visiting breweries is a great way to get out and see more Colorado communities. Do you have a brewery I should visit?

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