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Goal #3: Decluttering and Organizing my house

“Organization isn’t about perfection it’s about efficiency, it’s about reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving the overall quality of your life.” Christina Scalise

Decluttering and organizing my house may not sound like a big deal; on the surface it feels simple. Clean-out closets. Organize shelves. Throw away old, broken items. Essentially, that is what it is. On the other hand, I have a huge problem with over-buying and not putting things away in a reasonable time period — hence the goal.

Near the beginning of this year I looked around my house and saw piles of stuff. My house was certainly liveable, I’m not a hoarder from one of those shows, but I have accumulated a lot of stuff. I had empty tables to eat, nothing on my bed, and a fairly clean living room area. Still, I had overflowing, messy closets, desks full of piles, and stacks of books all over. So much so it was hard to locate some important items. And thus, the goal of organizing my house was created.

I began with my bedroom. My bedroom, including my closet, was important not only to find things more quickly, but also I have read that a clean, organized sleeping area assists in a better night’s sleep. It is said that being surrounded by tidiness and order can help produce peace and calm in one’s life. I found this to be true for me. As I cleaned out bookshelves in my room, emptied and organized my nightstands, and put clothes away in a timely manner, my room did feel more inviting.

It’s interesting, if I leave a pile long enough on a surface, I begin to ignore it. It doesn’t feel as messy to me. But, as soon as I clear it off and have an empty, clean surface, I sigh and begin to feel a deeper sense of calm. This certainly happened in my bedroom in addition to making it feel more bright and welcoming. I have also found that I am sleeping better. I believe they are right that clutter around a person keeps their brain running, but a clean space allows for peace and calm to enter.

From my bedroom, I worked on my closet. Cleaning out clothes and sorting through the piles once again created a more open space. It is now also easier to find the clothes I want to wear. I am enjoying the ease of finding things as I clean each new space. I still have a long way to go, but it is making such a difference.

Is there something you are wanting to clean out? Happy organizing!

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