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Mid-Year Goal Check-In

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” Albert Einstein

July 1st will be halfway through the calendar year. Six months of 2023 have almost passed. At the end of December, people often think about the upcoming year and set new goals. If you follow Gretchen Rubin online, you may be familiar with her online community and their goals. 21 goals for 2021. 22 goals for 2022. 23 goals for 2023. It’s a gamified idea of goal setting … setting an arbitrary amount of goals based on the year we are currently living. So, the end of June seems like the perfect time to check-in on goals that I have set.

Before taking stock of my goals, I also wanted to explore why are goals important and can someone set too many goals?

At the simplest, most basic level, goals provide purpose and direction for a person. Yet, it is important to note, not all goals are the same. Some goals are big — yearly goals or lifetime goals. Some goals are ideas to work towards that take effort, planning, and dedication. Most goals are outcome-based, but some are process-based. People choose to share some of their goals with others or they may keep the goal private.

Because of the vast array of different types of goals, the amount of goals a person has at any time depends on the person. Personally, I usually have two to five goals I am actively working towards in addition to a handful of other goals that are more lifetime focused.

This year, I am actively pursuing three goals. Over the next month, my plan is to check-in on each goal through this blog.

Goal #1: Run my first half marathon — date January 6, 2024

Goal #2: Read 120 books (January 1st - December 31st)

Goal #3: Declutter and organize my house

In addition to these three main goals for the year, I have a lifetime goal of traveling as much as I can, which includes:.

  • Visit all 50 states

  • Visit every US National Park

  • Visit at least 6 of the 7 continents — if not all 7!

My three main goals provide purpose for my down time, you’ll rarely see me without a book. My goals also give direction for my health: physical and mental. While I don’t always set goals in January, I do always have at least two active goals I am working towards.

Regardless what type of goals you choose to pursue, goals are needed to help bring direction, focus, and purpose to a person’s life. What goals are you actively working toward?

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